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On September 27 2008 at 9am Mumbai time Bhagavan Ramesh Balsekar left his body.
"I will forever be grateful to Him." Dr. G.

Courses are now being taught combining several disciplines, which Dr G. is proficient at. These include Chi Kung, Pranic Energy and Entrainments called EnerChiArts (download document). As National and International interest grows, many of these courses will be taught over the phone or through Skype.

The primary function of the EnerChiArts (download document) Chakra-Gates/Entrainments and Aura (CEA courses) is to Self-Activate, Cleanse and Charge each of these systems and their interaction between the Physical body and the energy (energy/Chi/Pranic) systems of the body.

This unique method of activating cleansing and charging Chakras-Gates and Auras. From a western perspective; will release physical and energetic mental and emotional stress stored by the mind and body.

From an eastern perspective; it will also enhance sadhana (spiritual practices), clear/balance meridians and the aura.

This is a non-clinically based course, taught by Dr. G. Retired Chiropractor, Acupuncturist, Clinical Nutritionist. Each of the 3 core courses Level -1-2-3 stands on its own with its own merits, and enables the participant to experience the effects before continuing on with teacher training courses(TTC-1), if desired. There will be
an optional course for clinically oriented TTC-1 participants. The major emphasis of these group courses is to provide a monitored guided instruction at the individual level, every step of the way.

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ENER CHI ARTS (download document) (pronounced enerchee) is the chosen name for this program.

ENERQIKUNG - For Martial artists began in Summer, 2009.

download document EnerQIKung™

download document EnerChiArts™

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Sessions are available Locally, Nationally and Internationally
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Nationally and Internationally please contact Dr. G.

In the last several hundred years the Newtonian paradigm (such as “Equal and Opposite Relationship of Cause and Effect) has increasingly influenced our lives in every dimension. For many of us the relationship between consciousness and energy/matter is becoming more evident in our daily lives. There is an ongoing gradual shift in thinking from a predominantly Newtonian paradigm to a quantum physics basis of life, (such as: nonlinear effects of cause) (Read Quantum Enigma). The gap between science and ancient eastern paradigms is narrowing.

There has been a recent surge in interest in eastern energy techniques. I would like to invite you to attend a course to keep you abreast of the latest developments in this area. It is a blend of eastern and western physical/mental energy techniques to assist you in your life. This course will narrow the gap between consciousness and energy/matter in one’s daily life. Please take a few moments to see the attachments for the course “EnerChiArts™”.

Retired Chiropractic physician and spiritual instructor/entrainer Vincent D. Gentiluomo will teach the course.
Dr. G. travels extensively internationally (especially India) teaching spiritual courses with a western flavor. He teaches practical skills which yield efficient results. The upcoming course, Chakra/Gates, Entrainments, and Auras enables the participant to experience and utilize many processes. This is not a lecture about the properties of the chakras, auras and Acu-Gates; it is an experiential, interactive course. It is designed to produce the most efficient effects that may be utilized in daily life. All courses taught by Dr. G. are designed to produce experiential based knowledge, as experience is the best teacher.

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This non-clinically oriented program begins with an introductory lecture that will be available to professionals and laymen, it continues with a workshop on another day. This workshop is a required prerequisite to the course.
For more information, contact Dr. G. at or (440) 218-2709

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