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DG writes:

I always knew I was the only one standing in the way to total permanent peace of mind but II didn’t know what to do about it or how to achieve it. This peace, and much, much more, is never overwhelmed for many years now, ironically even when there is anger, grief, conflict, etc. PEP/GAP brought it all together for me effortlessly in an extremely practical way which is essential for moment –to-moment integration. I recommend anyone who is truly looking for an effective way to gain permanent [peace of mind and more. The only regret I have is not taking it sooner.

TL wrote:

(PEP/GAP) has become an evolutionary step and the culmination of many years of spiritual training in meditation, T’ai chi, qigong, and yoga. Surprisingly, (PEP/GAP) did in 21 days what 26 years of the other spiritual practices only gave me glimpses of. Practicing (PEP/GAP) moved me to a new place in consciousness for most of my waking and sleeping hours. I see the world differently and I see others differently because I see my Self more clearly for the first time, and my Self is Peace, Love, and Joy.  For anyone who is truly seeking his or her spiritual Self in earnest this 21-day investment will change your life!

M states: In less then 21 PEP sessions I have realized at least a 50% and as much as 80% improvement in situations which have overwhelmed me for years/decades.

ML told her husband after surgery:
(PEP/GAP) saved my life.

KJW had a permanent shift in consciousness through PEP and has recently revisited PEP for further advancement in consciousness. She writes:

"Before I began doing the (PEP/GAP) program with Vince (1999) I was always searching, searching, searching... I looked for fulfillment in other people, in the intellect, in spiritual practices, but nothing gave much satisfaction until I turned around and brought myself back to myself. Vince showed me how and where to look.  Of course I AM what I was looking for, the very source of love.  I experience, I am, complete fulfillment, peace, bliss, all the time."     

OS said:

I was on the verge of complete breakdown (Note: suicidal, similar to Tolle and Hawkins) and (PEP/GAP) empowered me to live a productive life once again.

And from an enlightened one who was ready to move to an even higher state of consciousness: Vince I need U  ((PEP/GAP) is what He meant, and we both new it)   

And from another enlightened one:
Vince what is this? (A pinch to higher levels of enlightenment)
Then after PEP _ ”IT will be gone in 6 months”

L stated:

I never knew all the love and appreciation I was getting even and especially, from my dog.
Now (since (PEP/GAP)) I take the time to play with him, and enjoy life more I am so grateful.

LM stated:

I don’t know anything about this spiritual stuff but I do know; my husband and I use to argue frequently but now he can no longer pick a fight with me (since PEP/GAP). Now we discuss things, as we no longer react we respond with action.

FL stated:

I have been extremely involved with spirituality my whole life (Note: she is a graduate of Maharishi International University – a spiritual college- with a masters from Harvard). How could I have missed this? Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

TP stated:

If it weren’t for (PEP/GAP) I would have been in jail or dead, seriously!

MK stated:

It is all fear that is what keeps us in ignorance; tide up, stressed out (paraphrasing). Now with (PEP/GAP) I can see this clearly and know what to do with it.

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