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Because of his extended involvement and unusual experiences with martial arts Dr. G. began searching in 1973 (in his 20’s) for the most efficient, practical, reproducible, effortless, no nonsense methods to reach Awakened states of consciousness. This search to his surprise would extend throughout the world. The search began as an undergraduate student at Kent State University in Ohio, USA. After participating exactly as he was instructed he would evaluate (after a substantial period) whether the meditation that he found in a book or directly from another person was doing anything for him whatsoever. But the search continued until he found a truly effortless technique and as a bonus the results were substantial. Therefore he followed through with advanced courses.

After graduating from Chiropractic School he ran a very successful practice (over 92% of patients stated they were 100% satisfied with the results of their treatments in 16 years of private practice.) This success rate would eventually motivate him in other areas as well.

In 1987 he became unusually overwhelmed by a death in the family. He once again began searching for something better or more or in addition to the meditation to relieve his grief. By 1993 he had experienced many western, self-help or Meta physical and eastern methods, for short periods of time, all of which he excelled in, according to his instructors. Few of these programs satisfied his continued thirst completely and none of them came even close to the current meditations effectiveness for him. Therefore he continued with this meditation and added breathing techniques from another organization, which complimented the meditation and helped immensely. Yet he still noticed that even those who were more committed to their sadhana (spiritual practices) then he was, beyond 3-5 hrs / day, were very often truly overwhelmed, even by their own admission. Even those who considered themselves as experts in spirituality and the psychics as well as the novice would state that peace was not firmly established moment to moment for them.

Ironically, PEP was born out of an overwhelming situation with his office staff that would not be resolved. Even though it was truly a situation which only existed in their minds Dr. G. could not get them to see it. Having attempted every possibility he knew that anger was the only option left. Therefore he acted as though he had lost his wits and told them all to shut up and close their eyes as they were angrily yelling at each other. Much to his surprise they didn’t get up and quit but did shut their mouths and closed their eyes. Stunned! He wondered what now? So he also closed his eyes and shut his mouth for sometime until he spontaneously guided them into what became known as the Productive Energy Program (PEP - Transforming Stress/Life into Productive Energy Moment to Moment), now also referred to as GAP (Gentle Awakening Program). To his further astonishment each subsequent weekly office meeting the entire staff (only 1/3 of which had any spiritual knowledge) excitedly asked if they could learn more, and they did. He began to realize it is a vital tool to firmly establish peace, therefore he guided people through it on occasion when they seemed to be overwhelmed. Soon it became very obvious that all problems are opportunities for growth! That is if you know exactly how to utilize your consciousness moment to moment effortlessly.

He traveled throughout the world since 1994, especially India on an almost yearly basis. Although PEP was 99+% effective he continuing his search into finding all the elements necessary to be less and less overwhelmed, regardless of one's spiritual expertise.  He continued to successfully guide patients, friends and associates in various aspects of the Productive Energy Program. He retired in 1995 to more actively pursue this quest. Basically he rationalized that if traditional contemporary education could transform a kid from the streets (himself) to a doctor, then spirituality, at the very least could transform anyone, as it eventually did with him, into not being overwhelmed, ever, by anything. Like receiving a degree some would require the time and commitment of receiving a Ph.D. and some may only need a similar commitment as an associates degree, but the results should be similar. Now he would not stop until he would be able to serve others in this arena with as much success as he realized with Chiropractic care, i.e. 92%+.

In 1996 he had a quantum personal Realization/Awakening (Shift) where as wholeness, fullness and completeness seized to be a concept and became a Lucid Realization. This dramatically enhanced the effectiveness of PEP/GAP in all walks of life including spiritual, business, clinically,non-clinically, atheistic, religious, agnostics and even the recently enlightened as well as the enlightened who need assistance in integrating higher states of enlightenment. Since then PEP and now GAP and the other programs come from a wholeness which can only be referred to as an Actualized Lucid Realization/Awakening. (Note) Dr. David R. Hawkins MD, Ph.D. states that approximately 50% of those who become enlightened will not integrate and may take years or decades to do so (Dr. Hawkins by his own admission took decades). Read “Power vs. Force”.

To mention a few of these Actualized Realizations/Awakenings:

He knew it had to be effortless, since the mind interprets resistance as stress. How could it be otherwise since you can’t fool Mother Nature! Ignoring, tolerating, avoiding, including positive thinking, by negation of the negative, which mentally creates more subconscious or even unconscious stress. Thinking negatively is part of the human predicament. If you mentally and or emotionally avoid it,  you feed it!  Because what you resist – persists, and where the attention goes the energy goes, even if it is subliminally avoided. Therefore the energy goes to that which is resisted. Furthermore, one reacts proportionately to the degree of mental resistance to any situation, however with PEP/GAP one progressively responds to each moment with more and more action and less reaction.

You cannot firmly establish moment-to-moment peace on your own terms; otherwise you would already have it! Wouldn't you? There must be a full commitment in every dimension of life in order to have peace in all dimensions moment to moment. We cannot just simply pick those aspects of life, which we are willing to commit ourselves to or want peace in and leave the others for later. What kind of peace would this be then? Partial and incomplete at best! Then we are right back to where we started, albeit organized a little differently. True peace is whole complete and full moment-to-moment. How could it be any other way?

He also knew, many people struggle to firmly establish peace, which is counterproductive.
Therefore, the course to awakening peace is effortless regardless of how bumpy the road is. This awakening to peace cannot be an intellectual or emotional process, as it also had to be a Realization, beyond even a lucid experience. An Actualized Realization, if you will, that would prevail in proportion to that which the person would participate, consistently, reliably and predictably.

This Actualized Realization was a Gentle Awakening, a shift to another paradigm and eventually an effortless shift beyond all paradigms. This shift will re-enliven the natural harmony humans inherently are born with, with the maturity of an adult. Also, it will progressively bring it to the forefront of consciousness rather then it being overwhelmed (unknowingly/innocently held in the background). This would have to be achieved by integrating peace into activity moment to moment through PEP/GAP as well as expanding consciousness with certain entrainments, which integrate the mind/body.

In 1992 he began administering clinical entrainments, which he now utilizes in a non-clinical form to assist integration of the mind/body. Since then he found many other effective entrainments, which would also expand consciousness. By integrating the mind/body through entrainments it was now more effective and efficient to integrate the inherent dimensions of peace, which is rooted beyond the mind/body. Depending on the needs of the individual or group these programs (such as: EnerQiArts, Entrainments, GEM) comprise the  plus portion of the GAP+/PEP+programs, to enhance the effects.

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His success rate with the Productive Energy Program/Gentle Awakening Program (PEP/GAP)was and still is 99%+. However, since January of 2006 the program to peace became more efficient. Consequently he began marketing (spread the word - so to speak) these programs. He knew he now had the entire package for serving those who would make firmly establishing peace a priority in their lives by gradually becoming less and less overwhelmed effortlessly by any thing at any time regardless of the tragedy, situation, circumstance or even little occurrences. Entrainments of the Awakening Entrainment Program will assist the shift to firmly establishing peace as well as expand consciousness effectively in all situations when appropriately co-coordinated with PEP/GAP (the Awakening Programs).

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“Whether you are new to spirituality or have spent a life time at it I am sure you would like to be able to utilize all that you have gained from it in your daily activity moment to moment in the most effortless manner possible. Experts in Spirituality, teachers of it, Yoga teachers, the recently enlightened, the enlightened integrating higher states, Psychics and novices as well have benefited immensely from these courses. Why should you only experience peace or freedom when you are doing your sadhana (spiritual practices) or when things are going well for you? One would think or feel that spiritual practices should have no barriers including life itself regardless of tragedies, traumas, and ups and down or even seemingly little things, which overwhelm you. PEP
(The Productive Energy Program) and GAP (the Gentle Awakening Program) have been extremely effective in doing just that since 1993. It is as effortless as seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling." Dr. G.

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If you could effortlessly firmly establish peace

moment to moment

on your own terms

you would already have it!

Whether you are new to spirituality or have spent a life time at it I am sure you would like to be able to utilize all that you learn from it in your daily activity moment to moment in the most effortless manner possible. Why should you only experience peace or freedom when you are doing your sadhana (spiritual practices, meditation, etc.) or when things are going well for you? One would think or feel that spiritual practices should have no barriers including life itself regardless of tragedies, traumas, and ups and down or even seemingly little things, which overwhelm you. PEP (The Productive Energy Program) has been 100% effective in doing just that since 1993, and has given birth to GAP in 2007. It is as effortless as seeing, hearing, touching, tasting, smelling, thinking, and feeling. Since March of 2007  Dr. G began to make it available to everyone and no longer limit to only his staff, patients (though out the world), and friends. These programs are becoming more and more nationally and Internationally known.

In order to realize or reawaken peace moment to moment we need to be fully integrated at the level of consciousness we now are in order to move forward with greater ease and harmony.  With GAP/GAP+ PEP/PEP+ GEM/GEM+ now you will integrate more readily each stage of consciousness as you progress.

Upon arriving in New Delhi Thurs September 13, 2007 Dr. G. was immediately asked to have a workshop before leaving for Chennai on Saturday morning. On Friday they had 2 hours or less to call participants and 15 of 16 people attended and left wanting more and more of this. He attempted to limit the course to 12 people due to time and space restrictions as they said they could easily have several dozen or more on short notice to attend.  What enthusiasm! With the greatest concern and willingness to serve, please take advantage of this program while it is readily available in this area go to getting started.

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